Mining the Social Web 2nd Edition

This book has been carefully designed to provide an incredible learning experience for a particular target audience, and in order to avoid any unnecessary confusion about its scope or purpose by way of disgruntled emails, bad book reviews, or other misunder‐ standings that can come up, the remainder of this preface tries to help you determine whether you are part of that target audience. As a very busy professional, I consider my time my most valuable asset, and I want you to know right from the beginning that I believe that the same is true of you. Although I often fail, I really do try to honor my neighbor above myself as I walk out this life, and this preface is my attempt to honor you, the reader, by making it clear whether or not this book can meet your expectations.

Publication: O’Reilly
Writer : Matthew A. Russell
ISBN: 978-1-449-36761-9
Year: 2013
Pages: 448
Language: English
Size: 21.1 MB
Format: PDF


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